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About Postnatal Doula

Doula is a community supporter for women who are pregnant, giving birth and raising children. She is trained and qualified by Doula Association, a professional who not only does housework on behalf of the family after childbirth but also able to take care of the mother, baby, and the older siblings during pre-birth and postnatal period. Unlike traditional housework helpers and babysitters, they are trained to be able to take care and support the mother after childbirth, including housework, as well as caring for the child, with an understanding of the emotional aspects of the mother especially felt during such special time. We will provide a visit service at their home.

Service content

  • Duration:

    Up to 15 hours. (for multiple birth, additional 15 hours are added to every additional child)
    ※ It is possible to book the service for 2 hours/3 hours/4 hours per day.

  • Service cost:

    Single birth: 1000 yen (half price for tax exempt household)
    Multiple birth: 500 yen (half price for tax exempt household)
    ※ Please pay in cash on the day of the service to the postnatal doula.

  • Service available period:

    Single birth: From pregnancy until within 120 days after birth.
    Multiple birth: From pregnancy until within 1 year after birth.
    ※ Please confirm the last day you are eligible for service below.

  • Confirmation of service eligibility period:

    Using below, please check the date which is 120 days after the childbirth.
    Please put in the due date (birthdate).

    The service eligibility period will be shown here.
  • Please read before booking the service:
    • There is an upper limit in the combined duration of the Postnatal Doula Service and Home Help Service (housework).
    • If you have already reached the upper limit of the eligible hours through only using the Home Help Service(housework), it is not possible to book this service.
    • Postnatal Doula Service only includes housework and childcare (including consulting) necessary for daily life.
    • Services provided by other qualifications such as Seitai, Aromatherapy, Baby massage etc cannot be used with this subsidy.
    • It cannot be used for the purpose of childcare only.
  • Please read before using the service

    Please have your at hand upon receiving the service.
    You cannot receive the service if you do not have the card.

How to book

  1. Contact Minato-ku Kodomo Katei Shien centre (Minato-ku Child and Home Support Centre) and apply for ‘Antenatal and Postnatal Housework and Childcare Support Service’ and obtain ‘Doula Card’.
  2. Please use the online form below to make a booking. Once it is sent, there will be an automated reply from our clinic.
    ※ Please be aware that it may take a while for the reply to arrive.